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arts consulting + arts mentoring.

The arts world is a delicate space to navigate, often clients aren't sure of value and the artist's process, knowledge and creativity are not fully appreciated. 

Artists, while we don't have all the answers and cannot dictate your costs, we can help you consider your process and honouring your work.


Whether we are consulting or mentoring, we listen to understand your needs and hold space for you to feel safe to ask the 'silly' questions and provide feedback and tailor our support based on your level of artistic or cultural experiences. 

Reach out if you are a client who is:

  • seeking advice for engagements
    seeking to develop art programs or projects 
    seeking cultural support to work with First Nations artists 
    seeking advice on protocol 
    seeking local, state or national artists, we can help facilitate or be a bridge

Reach out if you are an artist who is:

  • seeking advice or mentorship
    seeking confidence in your products / pricing / licensing
    seeking cultural supports
    seeking advice on digital mediums
    seeking advice of industry engagement(s)



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