Bayila is the Yorta Yorta word for Red Gum.


Bayila’s values mirror the Aboriginal cultural principles of respect, listening, sharing and connection.

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the land on which we operate and also to its first people, the Kulin Nation.

image: Bayila and Gidjiga, Yielima (Yorta Yorta Country) - Rochelle Patten Snr

our work.


who we are.

Bayila Creative is a 100% Aboriginal owned business and was founded in our hometown of Melbourne (Narrm) and established with the intention of providing a platform to bring forth indigenous culture, art and stories to the corporate world and to interpret the Aboriginal community’s creative needs in an organic way.

Just like the ‘Red Gum’, Bayila has it’s feet firmly planted in the ground. Our advantage of being a 100% Aboriginal owned business is our deep rooted connection to culture and community.



Cultural awareness and integrity is at the forefront of what we do and this is reflected in the high level of authenticity and standard to which our work is delivered. This is proven in our portfolio, with the many branches of clientele; ranging from community, corporate and government agencies. 

image: Cape Conran (Gunnai Country) - Rochelle Patten Jnr


what we do.

Our specialties are Artwork, Murals, Workshops, Campaigns, Reports, Logos, Branding, Corporate Gifts.

There is no piece of work we believe to be too large or small, the same amount of care and attention to detail goes into each individual creation.

image: Bayaderra, Yielima (Yorta Yorta Country) - Dixon Patten Jnr


our mob.

Dixon Patten

Director and Graphic Artist/Designer

Dixon Patten is a proud Yorta Yorta and Gunnai man and has family bloodlines from Gunditjmara, Dhudhuroa, Wiradjuri, Yuin, Wemba Wemba, Barapa Barapa, Monaro.

Dixon is an experienced graphic designer and practicing artist and has several family members who have influenced him and have given him knowledge of traditional art practices and stories. Before moving into freelance operation Dixon was employed by the Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural Centre in Melbourne for eight years.


During this time his understanding of local history and the integral role that art plays in community deepened.

"Art is a visual language and an effective communicative tool, Aboriginal people have been using this tool for millennia. I feel it is my cultural obligation to continue that tradition".

Joel W.

Client Relationship Manager

Originally from country Victoria, Joel is now a city dweller.

With an honest approach, caring nature and community focused mindset he was a great fit for our team.

Joel has had more than a decade of client management experience and joined Bayila wanting to make a difference within the local community through creating awareness and bringing people together with art.

"I believe the raw, natural beauty of Aboriginal Art is only now starting to be appreciated and fully understood. As citizens of this country we need to show our support for our brothers and sisters, the community and country - There's no stopping us when we work as one."

image: Maribyrnong River - Dixon Patten Jnr



Communication is key.

Each client has different needs and would like their ideas expressed in different ways, we understand this and will consult with you to best interpret your needs that are unique to your business; whilst respecting the people, community and land on which it stands. 

If you believe you would benefit from working with us, we’d love to

hear from you. 

+61 432 873 786

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image: Boorun, Marlo (Gunnai Country) - Dixon Patten Jnr


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